Why You are SAVED AND SPARED | Must Read

Why You are SAVED
Why You are SAVED AND SPARED | Must Read

We all would have been dead by now but here we are saved by grace. There are times things happen to us and we think that our end has come.

But somehow, we find ourselves still alive. Sometimes we can’t even explain how it happened when all hope was gone but God showed up maybe through someone and save us.

Has something terrible happened to you? Were you physically, spiritually or emotionally traumatized and tormented? Know that the devil does not contend with people without great vision and star.

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That’s why he must have tried to render your star gloomy and keep it from shinning.

Upon all what you went through, you’re still alive. There are people who did not even experience and pass through halve of what you went through but they gave up and died. But here you are, saved, spared and preserved by grace.

It is not by your power that you are still alive. Your survival is a miracle. You’re saved and spared for a purpose, so stop looking at your scars and forgive your offenders. Stop looking at your past and your condition. Move on and fulfill your purpose.

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Move on and be a light and miracle to others. Your services are still needed, you’re not yet done. Many people are in need of you, arise and shake off the dust and look forward to the future.

You’ve conquered the devil, move out without fear and let your light shine. God bless you.

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