Who do I choose, My broke boyfriend who I love or the rich guy who loves me? Nigerian lady

broke boyfriend or the rich guy
Who do I choose, My broke boyfriend who I love or the rich guy who loves me? Nigerian lady

A Nigerian lady has cried out over the dilemma she is currently facing in her relationship and she asked a question on who to choose, broke boyfriend or the rich guy who loves me? Nigerian lady.

According to the lady who confided in Yabaleftonline, her current boyfriend is not financially stable and there’s a guy who is wooing her and is very rich. She said although she needs money, she however loves her boyfriend so much and doesn’t want people to feel she left him because he’s ‘broke’.

Read her text below ; 👇👇👇

Am dating a guy that’s not financially balanced,he’s into me so much,there is no doubt of his love for me,most times I give him money for upkeep willingly,even when I was down with pneumonia he was the only one there for me,the only problem I have with him is that he’s too jealous and his financially problem,I pray God bless him real fast

Now there is this guy that is disturbing me for some months now, he’s so rich,he said he wants something serious with me,I told him I have and love my boyfriend,he said he doesn’t have issues with that, buh me I won’t be comfortable dating him,I don’t want my guy to be hurt even if he’s not living up to my needs I still love him,

Buh this new guy won’t let me be,always calling me,and is becoming so annoying to me,he sent me 5k just three days after we knew each other,

My problem is that I need money too ooo, buh I don’t want it to look as if I left my guy coz he’s broke, I can’t do such

Pls I need your advice on what to do pls.

Sena Alex: Better stay with the one that love u, And most expecially the one u love

Most women make the mistake of marrying a man they don’t love but cause of the Money they are with him,then end up having an affair with the one they love.and that will cause alot of trouble for yourself.

Chidubem Linda: My dear life is just so confusing, even when u try to please them with the little u have it will still not be enough. Try to Understand your inner mind ask yourself some questions I think u shall find an answer to it. May God help u to make the right choice my dear.

Emmanuel Eager: My sister leave someone’s son that is broke alone to heal himself…. since you don’t have the capacity to heal him…..go and follow your great physician that is giving you drip of 5k every 3 three days because you need it……. someone that is broke does not need a girlfriend or boyfriend…he just need a healer

David Snr: Who amongst the two does she really and truly love and the one she feels/knows genuinely love her? Time to use your head girl. Money will come and go but true love remains.

ThangGod Alexandra: Is a simple arithmetic
If the one you love is broke but has vision go for him
You both can work things out

Note: make sure he’s into you too

Solo Hillz: There is nothing that confuses a lady that more than choosing between a broke guy that is good in bed and a rich guy that can’t perform … I swear they are always confuse on who to choose

Sam Jovi: My dear the rate at which broke guys leave girls when they become rich is alarming ooo ☹️ … decide we’ll let you not go and gnash your teeth.

Talking Esther: Just say you like the other guy because his bazooka is wonderment 😒

And you’re now saying you don’t want it to look like you left because he’s poor 😏
Before nko,
Why did you leave?
He’s giving you long life and prosperity abi ?

Peace Omomeje: Pray and seek for guidance.. because the poor one can get rich and later say you’re not his type.

Or the rich one might just be playing with you… If u cannot pray, go with the flow. In other words, follow your heart.. cus Las Las God no go shame us

Benjamin Benevolent Benalisa: If financial problem and jealousness is what you have in your relationship then you’re lucky, very lucky self to find the one who love you but have only financial problem. Although I can only see your problem as financial problem but as for jealousness.

Jealousness is part of love since everyone want what is truly their own to remain their own without sharing. I will advise you to stick to him, and other thing shall be added if you both agree to properly build your way up .. Its hard to find faithful guys this days

Esichy Chinaza: That phrase “u need money too oo” says it all

Well, if ur boyfriend isn’t lazy and he is d guy that is smart in his dealings, I think u should support him in growing financially and u should discharge d other guy.

Well, u collecting the 5k says a lot. If u weren’t interested, u shouldn’t have sent him ur acct details in d first place!

Laslas, u should follow ur heart cos u know these guys personally!

Bright Onyemara: This same reason so many are married now is the same reason so many are still not married even at 35. Pray God guide and direct you.

Becky Paul: On a more serious note if your bf that doesn’t av money don’t love you, what else can he offer if not love? He doesn’t have a choice than to love you ooo….. I’m not saying you should leave him for d rich guy but use ur brain.. And don’t forget a mans loyalty is tested when he has everything..

Vivian Cee: One question that will answer your question is ” would the broke guy want to be with you when he has made money” or would he just run along to classy babes when eventually he steps up financially”. I was once is this part of yours and the story didn’t end well. Use your head

Marywealth Osagie: No man is humble my sister your guy is humble and seems to love you very much because he is broke and he collects money from you, when he touches money you will see the real him.
I will advise you marry the rich guy and leave that poverty guy.

Chika Ihefunobi: The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know, pray for your boyfriend and I believe God will bless him soon….the other guy is a distraction and maybe if you leave your guy for him, things might turn around big time for your guy. My dear stay where you are happy and sure you are loved

Chuky Dee: Lady I believe you’ve already taken the decision to dump the poor guy… You just need comments from here to back it up strongly.

Why not ask yourself this simple question,,,,, If the rich guy is a good guy, why will he continue disturbing you when you already made it clear to him that you have someone already???

What if after accepting him, someone richer than him in ten folds shows up the way he did?? Will he be happy about it???

If it happens eventually, What will make you hold on to him??

Abegggiiii… Women with their money wahala….🚶🏻🚶🏻🚶🏻🚶🏻🚶🏻🚶🏻

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