The U.S. government responds to Buhari’s coronavirus crisis management

The U.S. government
The U.S. government responds to Buhari’s coronavirus crisis management.

The United States (U.S government has praised President Muhammadu Buhari for mobilizing resources to combat coronavirus.

On Tuesday, Ambassador to Nigeria, Mary Beth Leonard, spoke with journalists at a teleconference.

“I think Nigeria really should be commended for the incredible mobilization it has made with its resources to combat COVID-19. In any country it’s a tough case, “NAN quoted her as saying.

The envoy noted that the battle against coronavirus was being participated by her country and international organizations.

“It is a complicated job and the more we do it together, the better we would all succeed. But as I said earlier, this isn’t something that countries can’t address in isolation. It’s a virus, it doesn’t know borders and so we all have to work together,” Leonard said.

The envoy noted that Buhari was the first African Head of State that President Donald Trump spoke with on issues concerning the pandemic.

“We are very pleased to see that we made that connection. We are hoping in the coming days or weeks, we will be able to have more information about what they try to do,’’ she said.

The ambassador disclosed that America has spent about $237million on COVID-19 support for African countries.

Nigeria, Leonard confirmed, got $32.8million dollars.

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