The able youths of Essien Udim & the Real Dark Boys Group, has warned bandits threatening to destroy the school that Topfaith Schools is "NOT" a Government owned institution.
Topfaith warned bandits

The attention of Essien Udim Youth Alliance has been drawn to an online post porpoted by an affiliated organization known as “Able youth of Essien Udim & the Real Dark Boys Group” regarding their plots to attack Government owned institutions which is currently trending the social media space and their mistaken identity counting Topfaith Schools as one of the Government institutions.

Ordinarily, we would have not interrupted the operation of the affiliated Group to burning and destroying Government own properties or institutions before “September 1st 2021” as stated in their post but the mistaken identity involving Topfaith Schools as one of Government owned institutions is our only concerned.

We want to correct the wrong impression that Topfaith is NOT an institution belonging to Akwa Ibom State nor federal Government.

Topfaith is an example of a private sector involvements in the education employments of the state and the country at large, which in it little capacity has contributed immensely to the growth and development of education in our dear country.

However we use this medium to inform the organization that Topfaith Schools being a private sector has employed more than 600 hundreds Akwa Ibomites and paying them salary every month, it is therefore unchristian for one to contemplates evil against such a human developed and empowered sector that has NO link with the Government.

We also want to enlighten your knowledge that the proprietor of Topfaith Schools has not in his entire life worked in any Government establishment and not associated with political system perhaps partner with Government agency but purely a private initiator and a good Entrepreneur
of which is necessary for everyone to emulate such a footstool for the development of our various communities in the state and country at large.

We also want to state here that the consistency and commitment of Topfaith Schools is like a pregnant woman not hidden and as a result of such dedication their excellence achievements in the education system in the country has awarded them license to operates their private university, it is therefore unwelcome for one to mastermind devilish ambition to disturbing the peaceful development programs of the institution that has put food on the table of many Akwa Ibom people as a private sector.

We therefore solicit that the Able Essien Udim Youths and the real dark boys Group take off their destructive eyes off completely from Topfaith schools that from it foundation has nothing to do with Government.

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