Top 10 Best Football Prediction Sites in 2022

Best Football Prediction Sites in 2022
Best Football Prediction Sites in 2022

Best Football Prediction sites? You have been surfing the internet everyday searching for the best football prediction site in 2022 that predict sure games. Apparently, before you get to know which site can actually predict sure games, there are absolutely certain things you need to consider. There are thousands of football prediction sites in the world but only few can give you what you need. You need sure games and that can only come from a reliable football prediction site. You need wining games and that can only come from a sure prediction site. Take a look at our list of the top 15 best football prediction sites in 2022.

Top 15 most reliable football prediction sites

When it comes to online betting, the winning chances are frequently unknown. Following football betting tips is the most effective strategy to improve your odds. Football specialists examine every match, statistic, and team in great depth on these sites in order to provide punters with a better understanding. The following are the top ten football betting websites:

Top 10 Most Reliable Football Prediction Website

  1. PredictZ
  2. Passionpredict
  3. Betensured
  4. Forebet
  5. SportyTrader
  6. SoccerVista
  7. Victorspredict
  8. Tips180
  9. 1960TipsConfirmbets
  10. StakeGain
  11. PredictZ: Good and trusted site for match predictions (8/10).

PredictZ is hailed by many as the best and most reliable football prediction site in the world. They provide football tips, free analysis, football form and statistics, latest results, league tables, and many more. They cover all of the major football leagues but mostly focus on the English Premier League. It is entirely free and offers a good mobile-responsive website. Sadly, they do not have a dedicated mobile app just yet.

2. Betensured: One of the biggest tipster in the world (7/10)

As one of the biggest tipster sites, Betensured is one of the best sources to get well-researched football analysis, predictions, and statistics. To ensure the best value for their users, they offer different affordable pricing plans aimed to provide top insights that can help their clients. It comes in three plans: Free, Basic, and Premium. Basic plan costs $20 per month, while Premium is set at $35 per month.

3. Forebet: Best statistical probability analysis (7/10)

One of the smartest ways to place a bet is by looking at the statistical probability analysis of football experts. Forebet provides mathematical football predictions generated by algorithms that create a statistical analysis of over 300 football leagues. The site is completely free and has one of the best mobile apps in the business.

4. SportyTrader: Best free football prediction site (6/10)

SportyTrader is the self-proclaimed leading online sports prediction site that offers all of their tips, analysis, and statistics for free. Along with this, they offer everyone a comprehensive betting operator with which you can place bets securely. Moreover, here you can get all the latest and greatest bookmaker promotions available on the internet. It is a well-designed and compact site that offers everything in one place.

5. SoccerVista: One of the oldest prediction sites (5/10)

SoccerVista was founded back in 1999 and is one of the oldest prediction sites in the world. This means they have years of experience in providing football fans all the needed statistics, picks, news, tables and performances of over 300 football leagues.
It is free, so it is perfect for anyone who is new to online sports betting and needs some guidance.

6. Victorspredict: Best investment site (5/10)

Self-proclaimed most accurate football prediction site, Victorspredict is equally good for beginners and professionals. They offer free tips, match analysis, latest results, league tables, and investment plans to all of their clients. The investment scheme they offer is unique in a way that bettors can make a steady profit every day with knowledgeable guidance. They have three plans available: Free, Silver, and Gold. Silver costs $25 per month, while Gold is set at $35 per month. Both plans are offered on a weekly basis as well.

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7. Tips180: Hundreds of betting strategies (4/10)

Tips180 offers football predictions and tips, in-depth analysis of over 50 football leagues, and a unique system of categorizing all betting strategies for different markets. They help new bettors become professionals by teaching them about odds, bet types, and different betting strategies to ensure the best experience. They offer a paid membership on weekly, monthly (including three and six months), and yearly basis. The weekly costs $5, while yearly is set at $105.

8. 1960Tips: Guide for smart betting (4/10)

1960Tips uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create an algorithm that accurately predicts the outcome of any match. In addition to providing in-depth statistics on teams, players, and matches in general, they offer a complete guide to smart betting, which will help all new punters make educated decisions. They offer daily free tips, but also different paid membership deals such as 50-100 Odds Membership, Bookies Bashing Membership, Basic, and Pro Plan Membership. All of these come in weekly, monthly, or yearly subscriptions.

9. Passionpredict: Best Prediction site for investment (4/10)

At, you stand a chance of winning games. They predict football correctly! We’re 97% Accuracy. Passion Predict is one of the best football prediction website. is an innovative football prediction site passionately provided in providing the best football prediction to its users. Passion Prediction Website is founded and operated by passionate football Experts. They provide access to free categories such as sure Double Chance, GG or Both Team To Score, Over 2.5, Over 1.5, Draws, Over 0.5 HT, and Premium Packages for real Investors namely; Super singles, Weekend Tips, Sure 2 Odds, Sure 3 Odds Etc. Read More

10. Confirmbets: Connecting punters and experts (4/10)

Confirmbets has thousands of best experts and experienced tipsters from around the world. They are called gurus, and they make football predictions, give tips, share their strategies, and analyze statistics to ensure all new customers have a great insight into the online world of betting. The site offers a chance to browse through winning tickets of these gurus, while also giving customers the tools to talk and learn from the best. It has several subscription plans such as Basic Plan, VIP Plan, Guru Plans, and New Plans. The plans are a bit pricey, ranging from $10 to $70 per month.

11. StakeGains: Data-backed football match predictions (4/10)

StakeGains takes pride in accounting for all factors needed for an accurate football prediction. According to them, they don’t focus on match or team statistics only. They go as far as analyzing how weather conditions affect players’ form and psychology of each player on the team. Their team of experts do thorough research and try to give out as much information as possible to ensure a good winning rate. They do not offer pricing plans but instead have a store where players can pay for special predictions, odds, and ratings. They recently introduced an excellent mobile app for quicker access.

What should you consider before choosing the finest football prediction site?

Choosing the best football prediction site can be difficult, especially because everyone claims to be the greatest or most popular. There are, nevertheless, some fundamental guidelines for selecting the finest one.

  • Free tips: Some of the best football prediction sites are free, which is always a great way to get into the world of online betting. Free tips, statistics, analysis and data should always be a priority as it costs nothing to read and listen to them.
  • Payment Plans: Most well-established sites offer payment plans which give numerous benefits to their clients. Be careful when choosing these plans and always test the free tips thoroughly before committing yourself to a subscription plan. Always read the Terms & Conditions and benefits associated with each plan.
  • Bonuses and promotions: It is rare, but some sites offer their own bonuses and promotions for all clients. These can be small offers like extra tips, guide books and tutorials or even refer a friend bonus where you get extra profit for bringing new customers.
  • Special Football League Focus: Football is a broad term and brings a myriad of different leagues, matches and statistics on the table. It is never smart to disperse your attention and time all over the place. Try focusing on one league in particular and find the best site that offers greatest and most accurate tips for the league in question.
  • User Interface: This may be a small detail, but user interface actually plays a crucial role in finding the best site. You can’t spend hours on end staring at a low-quality platform as it will destroy your attention. Similar, you need a site that offers intuitive and easy-to-use interface to maximize your gains.
  • Diversity: It is always good to choose a site that offers a diverse range of products, especially if you want to subscribe to one of the payment plans. Try to get the most out of the site and not just the specific match prediction. Most offer betting guides and strategies to make you more comfortable with online gambling.
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FAQ for Best football prediction sites

Why are these sites useful?

Football prediction sites are useful because they will offer thorough research and save you the time of doing so on your own. By visiting these sites, you will gain valuable knowledge, resources, and information needed to make the best possible bet.

Why can’t I rely on my hunch or luck?

Your hunch or luck is never good enough to ensure a steady winning streak. It may get you through one or two bets, but most professionals are experienced and knowledgeable punters with little to no luck involved.

How can I know the site is reliable?

Most sites that are trustworthy and reliable will publish the winning tickets and predictions on front page of their site. This will give customers a better insight into their methods and accuracy rate.

Are there any guarantees on 100% accuracy rate?

No football prediction site guarantees a 100% accuracy rate. Ever! This is impossible, as football is a vastly unpredictable game where seconds can determine between a win or a loss.

Is there a best method for predicting football matches?

These sites use a plethora of methods for predicting football matches. We firmly believe there are no best methods, only useful ones. Some punters and predicting experts may prefer one over the other, but the crucial idea behind all of them is in-depth analysis and understanding of everything tied to teams involved in the match.

Should I visit more sites at once?

There is nothing stopping you from visiting all sites at once. But our suggestion is to choose one or two sites that use similar methods. Visiting more sites may unnecessarily confuse you. Once you choose a site, stick to the methods they use and try to understand the rules and habits of it before moving on to the next one.


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