“There is no one who trains and works like me” – Braithwaite

Danish Barcelona striker Martin Braithwaite
Danish Barcelona striker Martin Braithwaite

The Danish perceive the break as something positive for him: “Barça’s plan is just a third of my training, because I have added a lot more.”

Danish Barcelona striker Martin Braithwaite said on Monday that the exercise plan that the club sent its players during confinement is only part of his preparation and that he will return ready to clinch a starting point. “(Barça’s plan) is only a third of my training, because I added a lot more to it.

I’m exerting my speed and stamina. Now I’m training much more in detail than before, so I’m going to come back in much better physical shape, “said the player in statements to Danish public television.

The last incorporation of the Blaugrana club, which came from Leganés outside the last winter market to supply the wounded Luis Suárez and Ousmane Dembélé, returned with his family to Madrid before being held in confinement, as he still had no home in Barcelona.

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The Danish international trains in his gym in the basement and runs and exercises with the ball in the garden, in addition to spending a lot of time “visualizing” how he wants things to turn out.

“I have to be a starter and a goalscorer. When you play for Barcelona, ​​you have so many opportunities, so there is no doubt that I see myself scoring many goals and as one of the team and league scorers . That is what I am here for. “, he claimed.

Braithwaite, who only played three games for Blaugrana, reiterated his confidence that hard work pays off and that he works more than ever as he does now. “I’m going to have a huge reward,” he foretold.

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“Now there is a pause, I see it as an advantage. I know that there is nobody who trains and works like me . When I return I will be ready physically and mentally,” he said.

Luis Suárez’s possible return after his injury or hypothetical new signings is not an issue, on the contrary, Braithwaite describes it as “fantastic” because he believes the competition will do better. “I haven’t shown what I can do yet. I feel like I’ve done well but I know I can do better,” the 28-year-old said.

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