The ins and outs of the Madrid-PSG deal for Mbappe: “We saw it was impossible”

Mbappe ins and outs
Mbappe ins and outs

The newspaper ‘Marca’, in its Sunday supplement ‘Primera Plana’, reports the ins and outs of the negotiations between Real Madrid and PSG for Kylian Mbappe.

One of the people involved in the talks confessed to ‘Marca’ that the signing was impossible on Tuesday 31st August at 14:00.

On Tuesday 31st August at 14:00, Real Madrid wrote off Mbappe. The feeling of the board was that PSG could accept the second offer of ‘Los Blancos’, which was around 200 million euros. This did not happen and one of the members of the negotiating table told the newspaper ‘Marca’.

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“Last Thursday (26th August), with the second offer on the table, there were reasons for optimism. But the hours and days went by. The closing time of the market was pressing and on Tuesday (31st August), at around 14:00, we realised that it was going to be impossible,” this source told the Sunday supplement of the aforementioned newspaper, ‘Primera Plana’.

These words offer new details about the famous operation that finally came to nothing. One of the most important, the time that elapsed from the second white proposal until the Parisians made it clear that they would not accept it: five days. In the end, the French imposed their desire not to let the striker leave.

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‘Marca’ also details in this information that, in footballing language, it is usual for teams and managers to refer to entities such as Manchester City and PSG with the term “club-states”. The reason for this is the great power they wield because of the solid financial backing they enjoy. That is precisely why, from the French capital, they were able to contain Madrid’s advances for Mbappe.


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