SPDC Scholarship Past Questions and Answers PDF

SPDC Scholarship Past Questions and Answers PDF
SPDC Scholarship Past Questions and Answers PDF

Download SPDC Scholarship Past Questions and Answers in PDF format here on this page. SPDC Past Questions will help you to secure your scholarship.

Are you looking for a way to secure that well-deserved scholarship the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC)? Have you been preparing for the SPDC Scholarship and you need their past Questions to guide you.

Download SPDC Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers pdf free. SPDC Scholarship Past Questions, Shell Petroleum Development Company Scholarship Past Questions and Answers,  Shell Petroleum Development Company Scholarship Apptitude Test Past Questions and Answers for free.

Any candidate preparing for SPDC Scholarship examinations have to know the right thing to do before the exam date. Read through this post, you will be rightly served here.

This past question is a complete compilation of all the previous years. This scholarship involves yearly compensation for all candidates that did not perform well.

Is SPDC Scholarship Past Questions Recommended for Me?

It depends on your interest in passing this scholarship exams. If you are truly interested in passing this Exams then you’d rather have this past questions than not as scholarship Aptitude tests are not in any way about how brilliant a candidate is but particularly how prepared, and smart.

These past questions will really help you a lot. It also help to know repeated and rephrased questions and to answer these questions with ease since 60% of it questions are repeated.

How is SPDC Scholarship Aptitude Test be Like?

Just like so many other scholarship tests, the Shell SPDC scholarship aptitude test is divided into three sections which are: Numerical reasoning, Verbal reasoning, and Logical reasoning.

The use of calculators are strictly forbidden, which even makes the tests even more difficult and most candidates susceptible to failure.

SPDC Scholarship Past Questions Sample

1. The product of two consecutive positive even numbers is 288. By constructing a quadratic equation and solving it, find the two numbers.
A. 14
B. 20
C. 7
D. 10

2. If Boneri adds 2 to the numerator of a fraction, the fraction becomes 1⁄3. If he subtracts 3 from the denominator of the fraction, it becomes 1⁄4. What is the fraction?
A. 1⁄5
B. 2⁄5
C. 3⁄5
D. 4⁄5

3. Given that P = {x: 1 ≤ x ≤ 6} and Q = {x: 2 ˂ x ˂ 10}, where x is an integer. Find n (P ∩ Q).
A. 4
B. 6
C. 8
D. 10

4. Solve the equation [x + 3] [x + 1]>9 + x2.
A. x < 11/2
B. x 11/2
C. x > 11/2
D. x 11/2

5. One-third of a number y is subtracted from 5 and the result is at most 3. What is the range of values of y?
A. y > 6
B. y ≥ 6
C. y ≤ 6
D. y < -6

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