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plan and desire ?
everything to happen the way we plan and desire

We always want everything to happen the way we plan and desire. But oftentimes, things don’t occur in agreement with our plans.

And we’re too myopic to see beyond our limited desires. We only see some aspect of our desires.

God knows our plans and desires but He offers us what is best for us because He is sagacious and sees beyond our limitations. Even when we feel and think God is unkind and harsh to us.

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Sometimes the things and people we desire the most in our lives are the things and people that will mire and complicate our lives.

Don’t cry and worry when certain people leave your life. God loves us and doesn’t want our lives to perish, so a times He doesn’t answer or delay in answering some prayer point.

Don’t be annoyed when things don’t go the way you planned, you can’t control everything. Always invite God into your plans.

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Then He will give you good opportunities and bring the right people into your life, better than what you’ve been praying for..

Remain blessed.

That’s All for today, See You tomorrow!

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