Self Assessment | How to make progress in Life

Self Assessment
Life Facts: Self Assessment: How to make progress in Life

As you hustle and bustle in life, it is important to always take sometimes for self assessment. To ascertain if you are making progress or regress.

Are things always bad and inappropriate with you? Are you jumping from one relationship to another for reasons you know or do not know, always unfavoured, unlucky and disappointed?

However, these must have made you think that God has forgotten and forsaken you. Understand that God loves you.

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Its not all delay, problems and setback that is caused by the devil and enemies. Therefore assess yourself to see if you are the cause of your sinking ship of life.

Bad character/ habit, unforgiving heart, hot temper, uncontrollable anger, bad mannerism, lack of self control and discipline may be the barrier to your progress in life.

But today, God is removing every barrier, setbacks and obstacle in your life as you’ll begin to do away with things and habits that has been inhibiting your progress. Remain blessed.

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