[email protected]: Project60 emerged in Ibadan to battle with BBNaija

Project60 emerged in Ibadan to battle with BBNaija
[email protected]: Project60 emerged in Ibadan to battle with BBNaija

…CEO speak live on interview.

By Divine Sam.

The Independent of Nigeria at 60 years on October 1st 2020 may have come and gone, but it content which brought about the emergence of project60 talent show in Ibadan, Oyo state capital has already made history.

It was live auditioning on October 1st 2020 at Mauve 21, Ring road, Ibadan as part of the activities to celebrating Nigeria 60th independence anniversary with a talent hunt show organized by Project60 crew.

Addressing the participants at the opening of the show the chairman of the central working committee Mr. Akerele Olaotan said the aim of project60 is to discover talents and groom them to become useful in the society.

Akerele said Nigerian youths are talented hence project60 is ready and willing to offer them the platform to excel in their various potentialities.

Also speaking was a broadcast Journalist Mr. Lekanomosebi BigL described project60 as a brilliance and a project that can be done for eternity to make Nigerians better.

BigL said Nigerian youths have an in-built talent that is capable of making their lives better in the country.

He said many Nigerian youths who has gone to the university and study courses but at the end of the day find themselves in a different field that’s probably their passion, therefore project60 has come to light the path so the youth does not need to be stranded in the society with their potentials.

The CEO Akiwanle Praise expressed delights for the giving him the initiative to execute the project.

Akiwanle said project60 crew has been working all round the clock to bring the vision into reality.

He further stressed that the 2020 is a significant year even though it has been interrupted with pandemic which suddenly hindered the core plans that would have been executed.

The destination of Nigeria as a country is in the hands of every Nigerians, “if you want this country you have to start by being great, that is because God has blessed each and everyone of us with one talent and another, if you do what you know how to do, I do what I know how to do and everyone do what they know how to do is going to break Nigeria out of obscurity, so we decided to package this project to encourage you bring out the potentials in you that will be ginger you to showcase your talents to the world and also have a voice in the society, that is why project60 has come”, Said Akiwanle.

Follow up video for the CEO’s other areas of speech.

The ceremony also characterized the investiture of patron and matron of project60 among them were prophetess Mrs. Elizabeth Ajayi as matron and Prince Babatunde as patron respectively.

Interestingly the live auditioning features various guest artiste, upcoming talented musician and comedians.

Meanwhile, registration for contestants is currently on going, to register log on to www. dproject60.com or contact the CEO on 08136811485 and 07055599270.

The grand finale which is coming up on November is expected to honour the winners with various prizes and awards.

The viewing audience
Stage performance
The participants


The patron and matron posing with their certificate of appointment.


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