CORONA VIRUS: President Trump identifies another hoax

President Trump
President Trump

Over the years, President Trump has labelled several things hoaxes inquiry into his 2016 campaign relations with Russia, his impeachment, global warming, but on Monday he doubted the reality of an epidemic that killed more than 135,000 Americans.

Trump retweeted a post from game show host Chuck Woolery, amid a flurry of activity on his Twitter page, saying “everyone is lying” about the coronavirus as part of a scheme to undermine the economy and damage Trump’s reelection campaign.

“The most disgusting lies are those surrounding Covid 19,” Woolery wrote in Trump ‘s letter. “Everybody lies.

“Our doctors, not all but most, are told to trust the CDC, Media, Democrats.

I think it’s just about choosing and stopping the economy from returning, which is about the presidency. I’m sick of that.’

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Asked at a briefing later Monday about the retweet, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said that “the notion of the tweet was to point out the fact that when we use science, we need to do it in a way that is not political.”

A main problem preventing the economy from returning is the coronavirus killing 135,000 Americans per Johns Hopkins University monitoring, which recorded 61,352 new cases and 685 deaths on Saturday.

Woolery hasn’t said whether he felt the death toll was fabricated. At more than 15,000 registered Saturday, the same day Walt Disney World reopened in Orlando, Florida set a record for most single day cases in any state so far.

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During the last week, Arizona, California , Florida, Mississippi and Texas all set record highs for daily deaths.

Trump uses “hoax” often as an all-purpose denigration of opinions or facts he doesn’t like it.

In February, he called criticism of his administration’s response to the Democrats’ coronavirus “new hoax,” but he did not deny the existence of the outbreak entirely, as Woolery seemed to do in his tweet.

There is no clear precedent for a president to echo allegations that a central organization of his own government.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is misleading, except for Trump himself and the numerous occasions he has accused the FBI and the intelligence services of purposely undermining him.

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