Picard Contest 2022: Win Up To N300,000 Cash

Picard Contest 2022
Win Up To N300,000 Cash in the Picard Contest 2022Picard Contest 2022: 

Stand a chance of winning up to N300,000 Cash in the 2022 Picard Contest. This year’s spring contest brings a fantastic reward possibility for excellent individuals.

By just utilizing any internet-enabled device to take part in a free-to-access online evaluation on May 14th, you might win cash prizes.https://truetalknews.com/

You are free to participate in this program using your mobile phones and tablets. To enroll, fill out an online application and submit it by the 13th of May for evaluation and screening.

There will be 20 logical and intuitive questions on the Live Test (online assessment). Successful applicants will be rewarded on the 30th of May.

How to APPLY 2022 Picard Contest

To apply, Visit https://bit.ly/picardng.

At the end of the registration, all eligible applicants will be prompted via SMS on the 14th of May.

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