How to Write NYSC CDS Report – Best Format

how to write nysc cds Report

Have you been thinking of the Best format on how to write your NYSC CDS Report? You are served here today on this platform.

We all know that one of the major Responsibilities of National Youth Service Corps Members is project to carry out what is called “Community Development service (CDS).

This CDS is very important and is compulsory that every Corps members must undergo.

During the process of undergoing the CDS activities, corps Members must have a written CDS report either typed or Hand written with action pictures on it.

We all know that NYSC is a compulsory One-Year Programme scheduled for all Corps Members .

Therefore, on this page, we have best ways on how to write a good CDS report. Below are the ways;

Don’t worry because this article carries how you can write your NYSC CDS Report.

How to Write NYSC CDS Report

  1. The Project Report will start with the front page. The first front page will entail what the project is all about(Title):
  2. Best innovative NYSC Personal Project To embark on.
  3. Meanwhile, it’s expected that your place your name, data and to whom you are submitting to the project state. E.g NYSC LAGOS STATE.
  4. Following the first front page, is the page which contains your NYSC CDS Proposal PROJECT LETTER:
  5. However, you are expected to draft out the conclusion from your feasibility study on the project you’re working on.
  6. Write Acknowledgment/ Appreciation.
  7. Next is the Table of Content.
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Please note that all pages before the Table of Content should be numbered on Roman numeric(“ii, iii, iv”). While from Chapter One-Chapter(last) should be numbered normally(1,2,3,4…).

8. After the Table of Content is the Table go Figure: This shows all figures(images) used in the project.

The main work is cited in each Chapter. Meanwhile, each chapter should entail the following:

  • Title
  • Aim
  • Sponsorship
  • Partnership
  • Approval
  • Achievement/Result

The last Chapter should entail your Conclusion/Recommendation. Well, during your finding and project exercise, if there be any Limitations faced. If any, you are expected to state it out in this chapter.

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Your APPENDIXES should be written at the end of the Report.

Note This:

Ensure you use pictures from the project exercise. Also, it should be present in the color form. However, use A4 format with letter spacing of 1.5. Meanwhile, each image figure should be properly named.

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