Life Facts: Hello Dear, is your Love actually a TRUE LOVE ?


true love
true love for God

It is factual that we spend time and enjoy the company of someone and friends that we truly love.

So many of us claim to love God but fail to dedicate a fraction of our time each day to God. Does this show true love for God?

Many of us, when everything is in place(money in the bank, food in the house, good health and every good thing) we forget God and our friends.

“But when there’s trouble, dryness, challenges, broken relationship etc, we then remember God and our friends.

Do you seek God only when you are in trouble? Do you look for friends only when you’re in need? Don’t be selfish in your love for God and friends.

“Since we’ll not be happy to be used or sought after by friends only when they are in need of our help; since we’ll not be happy to find out that our attention is always needed only when things are bad.

Let us therefore love God at all times. Let us try to be true to our friends and love ones. A true lover loves at all times. Remain blessed.

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