Daily Life Facts: Always LOOK BEYOND THE LOOKS

Life Facts Today

Life Facts Today tell us to Always ‘LOOK BEYOND THE LOOKS’. Many of us are always fast to judge others based on their appearance. Looks sometimes deceives. Don’t eliminate and dismiss people on the basis of their looks. David was small but he killed Goliath.

Many people have missed many opportunities because of looks. Are you searching for a life partner? Look beyond the looks. Search for the content because the packages and containers may trick you into making a wrong decision in life.

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A silent person may be a carrier of an eruption of wrath when he/she is pissed off. The beauty of a lady maybe concealing her rotten and cruel attitude. And the appealing and showoff of affluence of a man maybe the hiddenness of his wretchedness and poverty.

Don’t go for looks and size, look beyond looks. May God help us and restore all we’ve lost as a result of our judgment based on looks. Remain blessed.

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