Joe Biden
Joe Biden: 6 records broken, set by US president-elect

In the presidential election on Tuesday, November 3, Joe Biden, the US president-elect, pulled the magic and became the latest nominee to send a marching order from the White House to an incumbent president. — albeit via a democratic electoral process.

Although the counting of ballots is still ongoing, Biden, a former vice president and senator for 37 years, has been able to garner more than 270 electoral votes which is the requirement for the presidency as the incumbent President Donald Trump trailed behind with 214.

Amidst the outpouring of congratulatory messages for the new president from global leaders and top personalities, highlights some of the records broken and set by Biden.

1. Oldest US president in history

At 77 years, Joe Biden will become the oldest president to be elected in the United States when he officially takes over the mantle of leadership in January 2021.

The incumbent President Donald Trump, 74, currently holds the record having been elected in 2016 following his victory over Democratic Party presidential candidate and former secretary of state, Hilary Clinton.

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Joe Biden sets records as the oldest president and presidential candidate with biggest popular votes. Credit: Instagram (Joe Biden) Source: Instagram

2. The presidential candidate with highest popular votes in history

No presidential candidate in the history of the United States has ever garnered the most popular votes the way Joe Biden did in the ongoing electoral process.

With over 75 million votes (and still counting) the former senator broke the record for the most popular votes set by his former boss Barack Obama.

3. 4th Democratic president since 1963

It is noteworthy to state that since 1963, only three Democrats: Jimmy Carter (1965), Bill Clinton (1992 -1996) and Barrack Obama (2009-2017) have won the presidential election, with Republicans taking a dominant run in office.

And with Joe Biden set to enter the Oval office as the US’ number one citizen, he will join as the fourth president produced by the Democratic household since 1963.

4. 1st president to have a female as VP

Without any iota of doubt, Biden, when sworn in January 2021, will become the only president to have a woman as his deputy in the person of 56-year-old Kamala Harris. Harris made history with Biden by becoming the first woman and Asian/Black to occupy the office of the vice president.

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5. America’s second Catholic president-elect Joe Biden will be the second Catholic to occupy the White House since the short-lived reign of JF Kennedy.

Biden’s faith has been highlighted throughout his campaign with his attitude always showing that he had hope in the electorate and the decision they would make. On the morning of the US elections, Biden prayed during mass at the Catholic Parish near his home in Delaware, US.

6. President to be elected during a pandemic

Biden is arguably the first president to be elected in the period of a pandemic.

He will also take over the presidential power in January with COVID-19 crisis posing a challenge to the global economy and health safety.

The US has 10,288,480 cases as at Monday, November 9, with 243,768 deaths and 6,483,420 recoveries according to Worldometers record.

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