Read About what “Inability to say NO” Caused

Inability to say NO
Read About what “Inability to say NO” Caused

Destinies and stars have been smashed and destroyed due to inability to say NO when there was need to say so.

Some of us are in trouble and dismay because we were unable to say NO at some point in our lives.

Never be to sympathetic not to hurt someone by saying NO to undesirable and objectionable request.

Don’t be too sensitive to fake emotion of greed and covetous request because your sensitivity may turn out to be your insensitivity and insensibility to the outcome of undesirous and greedy request.

There are many unwanted pregnancies, poverty, failure, hardship, weeping etc due to inability to say NO. Be sensitive in all your dealings.

Learn to say NO when there’s need. Don’t displease God to please someone or yourself. Forget what ever people will say or think when you decide to say NO to their spiteful Request. May God help us.

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