How to Write a Good NYSC CDS Report - Modified
How to Write a Good NYSC CDS Report – Modified

For you to be able to write a good NYSC CDS Report, you have to read through this article till the end of it.  This is because; best guidelines on how to write a good CDS report have been outlined and explained in this article.

Good NYSC CDS Report Format

After the CDS activity, you are expected to write your CDS Report using the following ways outlined below;

  1. State what will be carry out on that CDS day,
  2. Where the CDS held,
  3. Date the CDS was done,
  4. Total Number of Corp Members present that day
  5. Time the CDS kicked started,
  6. Time the CDS Ended and
  7. finally time used for signing of the attendance and Collecting of Monthly dues.

After your done writing that, include action pictures of each day CDS activities.

For example,
1/04/2021: The CDS was held on the 15th of April 2021 in Rumuoro Community Town hall. For our CDS on this day, 13 Corp members were present. The CDS activity started by 9:40AM, we swept and mopped the various parts of the Rumuoro town hall, that is, the main hall, the women hall, the passage, upstairs, the stairs, etc. The sanitation ended by 2:10 pm and 10 mins was used for attendance taking and payment of April’s monthly dues.

Finally, you will do for each day that CDS activity was carried out.

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