How to Automatically index Post after Publish 2021

How to automatically index post after Publish 2021
How to immediately index post after Publish

How to automatically index post after Publish ? This is a 2021 best indexing guide for you. Get your new site or blog indexed by Google, Bing, or other search engines When you publish first post Immediately. 

Index my post automatically after its published

When I write and publish my blog post, its not index automatically. I manually use Google URL inspection tools to submit my post. Yet google indexing slowly. Is any way to get automatically index.

They won’t be indexed after you publish them. Google doesn’t work online and ad-hoc. Google doesn’t work according to everyone. Your domain/blog have to be popular, old, and in a good condition and posts will be indexed automatically in a short period.

The web is a big place and it may take sometime or longer to get the posts and pages indexed.

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