How do you know if a guy wants you ?
How do you know if a guy wants you

A lot of challenges ladies have been facing is how to know if a particular Guy you have been crushing on actually wants you in person. So, how do you know if a guy wants you when you have played your part to attract him to make a guy love you?

Read through below the important signs so that you do not get it wrong.

1. He is always ready to dedicate time for you –

Even if he is committed to other things, he is ready to allocate part of his time to spend with you.

However, Guys are always will to make sacrifices to get time with a woman they are attracted to.

2. He appears a bit nervous –

Men are known to be bold and courageous, but not when they are close to the ladies they love.

Some feeling of nervousness creeps in when a man is near a lady he loves, and he no longer exudes the boldness he portrays when with friends.

3. He introduces you to his friends –

Does he willingly take you to meet his friends? If so, that is a good sign that he genuinely wants you. Such a man is proud of you and is ready to be associated with you. You are not an embarrassment that he would prefer to keep away from his friends.

4. He listens to you –

Your opinion will always count for a man who wants you. Even though he might make the ultimate decision in some instances, he will take into account your concerns before making up his mind. A boy who wants a girl will pay the utmost attention to what the girl says.

5. He says it –

He might show signs of interest in you but most important of all, he must say it. By saying that he wants you, you can erase any doubts you had in mind.

As you can see, it does not require considerable effort to achieve what boys want. Find out what you are not doing right and start doing it right away; you will be fascinated by the attention you will receive from men.

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