Evang Mrs. Philomena Nwabeze is a Topmost Gospel Minister in Ibadan

Evang Mrs. Philomena Nwabeze is an Anambra state born topmost Gospel minister in Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria.

She is presently the music minister and Choir director at Freedom Capsules Global Mission in Ibadan under the sound of Rev. Linus Okeke as the general oversee.

Philomena Nwabeze
Evang Mrs Philomena Nwabueze at one of her performances

Evang Philomena Nwabeze has performed at various denominational crusaders, Evangelism, Night of vigils, weddings among other gatherings of Christians faithfuls in Nigeria.

Philomena Nwabeze
Evang Mrs Philomena Nwabueze at one of her performances

In her most popular tracks ” Give Thanks” Evang Nwabeze expressed her convinced in giving thanks to God for all his unending benevolence upon her ministrations, most especially for the favor of God upon her live and as well the freedom Capsules Global Mission under her spiritual parents Rev/Pastor Mrs Linus Okeke for their parental guidance through the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Philomena Nwabeze
Evang Philomena Nwabeze

She called on Christians all over the world to develop penchant for Thanksgiving unto God and by so doing, God will be willing and ready to release more to blessed their lives.

Listen to her speak live on the video about her music performance the credibility, and significantly how lives are being touched spiritually by her ministrations, moving the spiritual waves to influence her listening audience and impact created in the gospel ministry in Nigeria.



Evang Philomena Nwabeze can be reached out with the following informations and contacts.

WhatsApp Addressed:

Facebook addressed:
Philomena Nwabueze Bekee

For further enquires about Evang Philomena Nwabeze call the following numbers; 08036805124, 08082773733, 08081682516

Email address: [email protected] yahoo.com

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