COVID-19: Death Count In Africa Hits 383 As Cases Rise To 8,596

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Death Count In Africa
Covid-19 Cases hits 383 As Cases Rise To 8,596

The World Health Organisation Regional Office for Africa in Brazzaville, Congo, has revealed the number of death count in Africa.

The Africa regional office reported that there are now 8,596 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Africa, with 383 deaths. He UN’s health agency gave the update on its official twitter account @WHOAFRO.

“Africa now has a total of 8,596 death count in Africa, 383 deaths and 792 recovered from 51 Countries.” “Number of cases continues to rise on the African continent with 8,377 cumulative cases reported.”

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These two countries, Algeria and Cameroon reported that this case is becoming more severe in the past two days.” Algeria had on Saturday reported 986 cases and 83 deaths, while Cameroon confirmed 306 cases with seven deaths.

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It is with great regrets that South Africa remains the highest country in Africa with 1,585 cases and nine deaths, followed by Algeria 1,251 cases with 130 deaths and Cameroon 555 confirmed cases with nine deaths.

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Today, Nigeria recorded 232 confirmed cases of COVID-19; 33 patients had been discharged with five deaths as on Sunday.

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