Daily Life Facts: It Depends on how you see it, You can be happy Always

be happy Always
It Depends on how you see it

Many people have reasons to complain, and be bitter/ unhappy in life; over poor family background, barrenness, poverty, unproductivity, bad relationship and every other thing that stripes their joy.

And there are people who have decided to remain happy and thankful no matter what they’re going through in life. These people have made the decision to look at only the positive side of life.

Life may give you reasons to be bitter, sad and ungrateful. But it’s up to you to decide whether to be sad and ungrateful or whether to be happy and grateful.

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Your state of being and happiness depends on how you look at life. If you see life as unfair, then life will be unfair to you.

Decide to be vibrant, cheerful and enthusiastic about life. Be grateful, happy and thankful no matter what happens. Being alive till this moment is more than enough to be happy and thankful. Have every reason to tell God thank you.

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