COVID-19: Chinese scientists says the virus is likely to keep coming back each year


Chinese scientists
Chinese scientists

Chinese scientists have said the novel coronavirus is not likely to be eliminated but has long coexisted with humans. A group of Chinese viral and medical researchers reportedly made the disclosure at a briefing in Beijing on Monday 27 April, reports Bloomberg.

The group suggested that because of the so-called asymptomatic carriers, the epidemic is likely to become seasonal which makes it difficult to fully contain transmission.
The scientists pointed to this group of people being able to spread the virus undetected.

“This is very likely to be an outbreak that coexists with humans for a long time, is seasonal and is maintained inside human bodies,” said Jin Qi, director of the Institute of Pathogen Biology at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, China’s top media research center.

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In another news, President Donald Trump suggested that through the COVID-19 outbreak, the United States could seek damages from China.

The U.S. president made the suggestion at a press briefing on Monday morning April 27, reports The UK Guardian. Trump said his administration had been conducting serious investigations into the handling of the coronavirus outbreak by Beijing.

The US president indicated that his administration believes China should have prevented COVID-19 from spreading internationally, according to the Economic Times.

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He said there are many ways China could be held accountable by the US. Meanwhile a state in the United States of America, Missouri, has agreed in an unprecedented move to sue the Chinese government and other top institutions over the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

The state accused China of hiding information, silencing whistleblowers and doing nothing to stop the disease from spreading.

This was announced by the Attorney General of Missouri, Eric Schmitt, who filed the civil case in the federal court in Missouri’s eastern district.

As at Monday, it was reported that the cases in Nigeria was 


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