COVID-19: Chinese gov’t adopts suggestions, proposals for improving people’s lives

Chinese gov’t adopts suggestions

Chinese Civil Affairs Ministry has made concerted efforts to enhance people’s livelihoods by action based on recommendations and initiatives submitted in 2019 by national lawmakers and policy advisors.

In 2019, the Ministry managed a total of 562 suggestions and proposals, all of which include people’s well-being, such as elderly care programs, primary and collective governance, child welfare, and the safety of minors.

“Progress has been made in several areas since some suggestions and recommendations have been implemented, the ministry said.

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Local authorities across China, for example, have been asked to provide special assistance to severely poor citizens and increase the distribution of basic living allowances to rural low-income residents.

The ministry, along with 11 other government departments, launched a guideline on improving the work of protecting and assisting de facto orphans in July 2019, following the adoption of relevant suggestions and proposals.

According to the guideline, de facto orphans are children whose parents are suffering from serious disabilities or disability, are serving sentences in jail or under arrest, are in involuntary confinement for drug rehabilitation, or have limited or can not be reached their individual freedom.

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