Bet365 Postal Verification Code | How to get code

bet365 Postal Verification Code


Looking for ways to get the Bet365 Postal Verification Code so that you can verify your Bet365 Account?-

How to Get bet365 Postal Verification Code

To get the bet365 postal code is very simply. All you need to do is to;

  1. Login to your bet365 Account
  2. Click on “Postal Verification”
  3. Click on “Request PVC”: If you have not requested for your postal verification Code, Click on the “Request PVC”
  4. Insert it at the Postal verification code slot and
  5. Click submit.

After submission, the message appears;

“Thank you, we will send your postal verification code to your residential address. Please allow 7 – 10 Working days for this to arrive”

Please contact us if you need more assistance with postal verification.

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