Best Reasons why keep using Kuda Bank Account

Top 10 Reasons To Keep Using Kuda
Top 10 Reasons To Keep Using Kuda

These are the top 10 reasons we’re almost a hundred percent certain that you won’t stop loving your Kuda Bank Account:

  1. We built this bank for you (and were improving it with you).​
  2. You’re done with account maintenance and card maintenance fees forever.
  3. You don’t want to deal with people in a banking hall (because stress and COVID-19). “Please, can I borrow your pen and never return it?” .
  4. You love having a bank that does everything to protect your money. (Everything, including annoying you with anti-scam messages. 👀)​
  5. Budgeting with Kuda has helped you and you don’t want to struggle with managing your money again.​
  6. It’s expensive out there on the streets of traditional banking. Stay where things are free.
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if you want to enjoy free banking on Kuda. Download Kuda here and join with this code: HKH6CEWV

Why should I use Kuda bank?

Kuda includes tools for tracking your spending habits, saving more and making the right money moves.

So no matter who you are or where you live in Nigeria, we’re here because of you. We know the pain that comes with using a regular bank and we will make things work better for everyone.

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​Here’s to being your bank for a lifetime. 🥂 💜

Have the best weekend!

The Kuda Team


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