Benefits of being Steadfast in the Lord – Life Facts

Life Facts – Be Steadfast in Life

Do you want to know the benefits of being steadfast in the lord ? – On this page, we will enlighten you using some people in the bible that benefited from being steadfast.

Joseph was steadfast and God upgraded him from a slave and prisoner to a prime minister in a strange land.

David was humble and God elevated him from a shepherd to a King. Abram had faith and God changed his name to Abraham and gave him a son.

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However, Life may have been difficult in the past months, Maybe you were at the verge of giving up your faith.

In other words, God wants you to remain STEADFAST because He is raising you to a higher position. God will promote you to a place of honour.

God is changing your name and story this month.

Remain blessed.

Do well to always visit back for your daily inspired words here.

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