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Analytical Chemistry Scholarship
Scholarship application portal

This is to inform the public that Application for Analytical Chemistry Scholarship is opened for registration.  students who studied analytical chemistry hereby advised to go through the basic requirements here, then proceed with his/her application. 

However, “Applicants must be enrolling as or currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate students pursuing a career in analytical chemistry.


To support the pursuit of a science degree.

About the application:

At Jordi Labs, we want to encourage as many people as possible to enter the dynamic field of analytical chemistry. Since 1980, we have been providing cutting-edge analytical services for polymer-based products and have begun to lead the market in the high-precision analysis of extractable and leachable (E&L) molecules for pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

We want to maintain that upward trajectory in the field of analytical chemistry by inspiring the next generation of analytical chemists with an unmissable opportunity.

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Details of the Jordi Labs Scholarship
Incoming students, undergraduates, and graduate students who are pursuing a career in science at an accredited college or university are invited to apply for the Jordi Labs scholarship in analytical chemistry.

The program, worth $1,000, reduces the financial responsibility and strain on budding scientists and allows them to concentrate on their chosen discipline, whether that involves particulates and residue analysis, molecular weight measurement, or any other analytical chemistry methods.

At Jordi Labs, we understand the startup difficulties of breaking into the field of analytical chemistry. The ongoing cost is significant, and it can be difficult working to support yourself and your studies.

The testing of polymeric materials, additives, and other small molecule substances can cause issues in a range of products and commercial sectors, and understanding these unique fields requires focus and dedication.

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With over 1,000 worldwide accounts and distributers from all around the globe, we understand the multi-faceted challenges of analytical chemistry, and are committed to providing the brightest young chemists a financial head-start.

Applications for the scholarship are accepted between February 1st and July 31st each year, and winners are contacted directly by a Jordi Labs representative in August. Simply fill in a short scholarship application form to apply for this funding from our analytical chemistry team.

The Analytical Chemistry Scholarship Applications are available online. Interested candidates are to apply on this website.

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