Akwa Ibom College of Health Tech Etinan Past Questions and Answers pdf

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college of health technology etinan past questions and answers

Download the Akwa Ibom State College of Health Technology Etinan Past Questions And Answers pdf here. Get it into your phone and read, it will help you to pass the 2021 Entrance Examination.

The Akwa Ibom State School of Health Tech Etinan Past Questions contain the following subjects;

  • Use of English
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry, and
  • Physics

You can download free college of health tech Etinan past questions and answers on this page, but you must contact us using the details below.

The Etinan Health Tech examination questions are not simply as you think. We have samples of the questions contained in the Akwa Ibom State School of Health Tech Past Questions. Therefore, You need to get the full copy of it using the Payment method below.

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1. A given mass of gas occupies 2 dm3 at 300k. At what temperature will its volume be doubled keeping the pressure constant?
A) 400k
B) 480k
C) 550k
D) 600k

2. Which of the following radiations have the longest wavelength?
A) Gamma rays
B) Infra-red
C) Light waves
D) Radio waves
E) Ultra-violet rays

3. Which of the following is a measure of the average kinetic energy of the molecules of a substance?
A) volume
B) mass
C) pressure
D) temperature

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4. Lines of force I. Begin and end on equal and opposite electric charges.
II. are in state of tension which causes them to shorten
III. attract one another.Which of the statement(s) is/are correct?
A)I only
B)II only
C)III only
D)I and II only
E)II and III only

5. Oil applied to the surface of water kills the larvae of mosquitoes through
A) dehydration
B) poisoning
C) starvation
D) Suffocation

6. The nucleus of the isotopes tritium contains
A) two neutrons with no protons
B) one neutron and one proton
C) two neutrons and one proton
D) two neutrons, one proton and one electron

7. A wire of length 100cm and cross-sectional area 2.0 × 10-3cm2 has a resistance of 0.10 ω. Calculate its electrical conductively.
A) 2.0 × 10-6 ω-1cm-1
B) 5.0 × 10-5 ω-1cm-1
C) 2.0 × 106 ω-1cm-1
D) 5.0 × 106 ω-1cm-1
E) 5.0 × 107 ω-1cm-1

8. Which of the following natural resources is most readily available to all organisms?
A) Oil
B) Water
C) Air
D) Food

9. COg + H2Og →→ 2g + H2g ΔΔH = -4100J. Which of the following factors favour the formation of hydrogen in the above reaction? i. high pressure. ii. low pressure iii. high temperature iv. use of excess steam
A) i, iii and iv
B) iii only
C) ii, iii and i
D) iv only

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10. Young’s modulus of elasticity is the ratio of stress to strain, provided the load does not exceed the
A) breaking point
B) elastic limit
C) plastic limit
D) stress limit
E) yield point

Therefore, all you need to do is use the link below to download College of Health Technology Etinan Past Questions.

How to download Akwa Ibom College of Health Technology Etinan Past Questions And Answers

In other to be able to download the past questions and answers, you must follow the procedures. However, this Etinan past questions and answers will help you to pass the entrance examination scheduled to hold on 4th September 2021.

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