Accelerated Nursing Programs in Europe 2021

accelerated nursing programs in Europe
accelerated nursing programs in Europe

Accelerated nursing programs in Europe will enable you to complete your nursing degree more quickly than you would otherwise.

An accelerated program is designed to allow students to finish their nursing programme in less than 4 years for a bachelor’s degree and two to three years for master’s degrees.

Other forms of degree acceleration programmes, such as Ph.D., J.D. (law), or M.D. (medicine), are less prevalent, but they do exist. Many accelerated academic programmes can be found on the internet.

Students in the Accelerated Degree must take the same courses as students in the four-year Undergraduate nursing programme and must complete the same amount of clinical hours.

Nursing is a well-known profession, and learning it in Europe will provide you with numerous job opportunities.

It is critical, however, to select a reputable curriculum, and with so many excellent options available at universities all around the world, this can be difficult. In Europe, some of the top nursing schools offer accelerated nursing programs.

We look at the Best Nursing Schools in Europe and their accelerated programs below:

1. European University Cyprus, Cyprus 

accelerated nursing program Cyprus

The Bachelor of Nursing programme at European University Cyprus includes physiology, biology, and biophysics studies, with a focus on educating students how to enhance human health.

Students get the choice to participate in practical and operational education in the university’s nursing labs as well as local treatment centers.

2. University of Tasmania, Australia

Accelerated nursing programs in Europe

You may study more about medical principles, pharmacognosy, and drug management at this renowned Australian university.

Students at the University of Tasmania can earn their Bachelor’s degree in two years rather than three if they take more courses and finish a more comprehensive curriculum.

You can apply as a nurse in Australia with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) once you have completed your Bachelor’s degree, which is especially important if you wish to work in the country.

3. Middlesex University, UK

Middlesex University offers a variety of nursing bachelor’s degrees with specialisations in adults, kids, people with mental health issues.

Standard nursing degrees, Honours Bachelor’s degrees, and specialized training courses are also available. Throughout your years of study, the university will ensure that you receive the best possible support.

With internships at some of London’s most prestigious hospitals, you’ll be able to put what you acquire into practise.

4. Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Join a diverse group of students from around the world who are keen to learn how to best support their patients.

You’ll learn how to work with people of all ages and develop skills that will help you work more effectively.

So go to Metropolia University of Applied Sciences to learn and reap the benefits of internship prospects in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Usa.

5. Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Accelerated nursing programs in Europe

Savonia University of Applied Sciences encourages active participation in research and development through an open innovation model.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing links students with healthcare practitioners so that they may become acquainted with their future job responsibilities.

You’ll get the opportunity to practise in a cutting-edge simulation facility, expert clinical laboratory, and with innovative health technologies.

 6. Edinburgh Napier University

Accelerated nursing programs in Europe

This programme is tailored to registered nurses who want to “top up” their academic credentials with a BSc Nursing Studies degree.

The programme recognises the diverse learning needs of workers in the industry, particularly those who are studying while practicing in healthcare settings.

The BSc Nursing Studies curriculum is designed to offer you with a programme of study that is appropriate for modern nursing practise and will provide you with training opportunities to improve your knowledge and skills so that you can advance in your chosen field of nursing.

The programme is meant to give registered nurses with a diploma or certificate in nursing the chance to improve their expertise of evidence-based practise and build a measured approach to integrated healthcare by allowing them to apply concept to their own nursing practise

7. JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä, Finland

Accelerated nursing programs in Europe
Accelerated nursing programs in Europe

Meet people from all across the world, learn more about other cultures, and study to become a qualified nurse all at the same time! You’ll learn how to design, administer, and promote health, preventative, healing, and rehabilitative health-care activities. It’s possible to work in a variety of settings, including the commercial sector, nonprofits, foreign NGOs, and even start your own organization.

Accelerated nursing programs in Europe

Enroll in Semmelweis University accelerated nursing programme if you’re interested in medical care and recovery, as well as a variety of medical and social services.

Nursing is a career that is dedicated to the protection, promotion, and healing of patients’ health. Nurses keep an eye on patients in the hospital and monitor their requirements on a regular basis. They also participate in illness prevention and are active participants in the patient’s treatment and rehabilitation. They assist patients in absorbing and comprehending information about their health.

Graduates of the B.Sc. nursing degree are eligible to continue their education in a master’s programme. The M.Sc. programme is designed to prepare professionals who have a thorough understanding of the domestic health-care system and societal growth potential, as well as the ability to contribute to the solution of scientific problems.



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