Buhari to all APC Online Warriors – I Appreciates you

Buhari to all APC Online Warriors – I Appreciates you. President Muhammadu Buhari has saluted his army of young online warriors, who daily defend some of the unpopular and controversial policies of his administration on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

On February 4, 2021, the president received representatives of the youth wing of the governing All Progressives Congress (APC) at the State House, Abuja.

He made this known during a meeting with selected members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) youth wing at the presidential villa in Abuja.

He promised that his government will continue to prioritize issues that affect the youths of the country, assuring of more party and government policies that will accommodate their interests.

During his remarks, he saluted them for the work they do online.

“I have followed with keen interest the efforts of many of you in your bid to grow our party, the APC, into a strong and long lasting platform that would sustain progressive governance in Nigeria”.

“Taking issues concerning our party seriously is commendable and shows your forward thinking,” he said.

‘‘I am also aware of the daily toils and sacrifices many of our online warriors make on social media to defend and promote the party and government”.

“I appreciate you deeply and I am committed to making sure everyone appreciates your work as well,’’ he added.

The president also charged the youth wing of the APC to take ownership of the party. “My belief and firm commitment is that politics is a game of numbers and political power truly belongs to the people. Parties are built from the ground up.

‘‘So I envisage a party that we can have transparent electoral contests, drive policies and programmes that are pro-people, and most importantly, have the members determine who represents them, not some leaders somewhere,’’ he said.

The APC usurped the PDP at the center in 2015 after forging a coalition of legacy political parties from the north and south.

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