3 BTC whales move 140 million worth of Bitcoins from Binance

3 BTC whales move 140 million worth of Bitcoins from Binance

BTC whales have been moving large stacks of Bitcoins lately, triggered by the recent bullish momentum in the BTC market.

According to data obtained from Whales Alert a crypto analytic tracker, three unknown whales moved 13,000 BTC estimated to be roughly worth over $140 million from Binance, a leading crypto exchange, some hours ago.

Why this is happening: Global investors and crypto-traders are now cashing in on some of their profits, as the crypto market is awash with cheap money coming from stimulus packages from global central banks.

As the COVID-19 pandemic resurgence disrupts the global financial market, coupled with the recent weakening of the American dollar, the number of whales, has been increasing at a steady pace after Bitcoin’s recent halving.

While it is difficult to predict market movements, BTC whales have shown historically that they often determine the BTC trend.

Quick fact: At the BTC market, investors or traders who own large amounts of bitcoins are typically known as Bitcoin whales.

This means that a BTC whale could be an individual or business entity (with a single Bitcoin address) owning around 1000 Bitcoins or more.

Source: Whale Alert

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