2023 presidency: ‘Igbos Unity should be sacrosanct to enforce sincerity’- Chief Samuel Ebugheme

Chief Samuel Ebugheme
Chief Samuel Ebugheme

By Divine Sam

The very idea that the Igbo cannot compete politically even in a wonky Nigeria is seemingly truth.

Chief Samuel Ebugheme the chief executive director of S.O. Ebus Nigeria Limited a multinational dealer and suppliers of all electrical materials in Ibadan, Oyo state capital made this statement on Sunday October 4, 2020 during the 57th birthday ceremony of Pastor Linus Okeke founder of Freedom Capsules Global Mission.

Chief Ebus said the only hindrance to the reality of Igbo presidency is as a result of what he called lack of Unity among the Igbos.

He said the disunity among the Eastern region of the country has threatening and shackle political zone of their industriousness and its future.

Ebus noted with regrets that some Nigerian leaders are not trustworthy and sincere and that is why it is impossible for the Eastern region to scale through in their presidential dreams.

Chief for the Igbos speaking tribe to succeed as president, it is compulsory for the factional leaders to bury their individual interest. The determination has to be shed by a deliberate pragmatic political engagement with other ethnic nationalities with the Igbo deploying its full weight in population and resources.

The Igbo cannot win the race when their leaders are still waging war over who take the bigger share. He said “We must shed the victim mentality of political passivity, negative thinking, helplessness, pessimism or it is rigged against us”

The electrical Marchant said there is no need to try, we can achieve what seems impossible when there is love at home, but if we continue to fight against ourselves, they will continue to take advantage of us and they won’t let us be president.
And even if we become president, they will be our puppet”

He congratulated Pastor Linus Okeke on his 57th birthday and prayed for grace in abundance upon the man of God.


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